Animal Minds Behavior & Training Christmas Specials

Christmas Puppy Special - $50 (1 session/2 phone consults)

Any puppy under 4 months qualifies for one in-home private session and 2 phone consults.

The private session includes:

  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • How to stop puppy biting
  • How to stop puppy chewing
  • Beginning Sit/Down Commands
  • Beginning Self-Control/Boundary work


Basic Obedience Christmas Special - $125 (2 sessions/1 phone consult)

This in-home private package is for any dog that is needing to work on basic obedience. It will cover any age dog that you have and will also include 1 phone consult. It will not cover any dog aggression or other behavior modification.

These 2 sessions will cover:

  • Crate Training
  • Sit, Down and Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Teaching Self-Control/Boundaries
  • How to start working around distractions


*The follow up phone sessions assist in problem solving and pin pointing trouble areas.

*Packages must be purchase by December, 31 2016.

Sunday Fun Day Class

January 24th at 11am
American River Parkway - William B. Pond
5700 Arden Way, Carmichael CA 95608

Back to training after the holidays! 

This group is open to any of our clients who are ready to work around distractions. More information is listed on the facebook event page:


Dog Training Groupon Release and Free Phone Consultations

Responsible pet ownership is a year round gig. However, we do understand that sometimes it's easier to catch up on those pesky or unwanted behaviors when you have some time off from your daily grind during the holidays. We are currently offering 2 deals to new clients or referrals (for existing clients - please let us know if you refer someone! We have perks for you to!):

Groupon - Good for 1 in home evaluation and lesson. We can meet with you and your dog and discuss the best ways to achieve your training goals. Appointments need to be booked in advance, so please call us after purchase to get on schedule! Or give us a buzz prior to purchase and we can answer any further questions you may have.

Free Phone Consults - Call us any time. If we're busy at that very moment we will be sure to schedule a time that works for everyone so we can assist you as best as possible.



We can be reached at (916) 538-0422 or by e-mail at