"Solutions to problems often come from knowing when to ask for help."

- Buck Brannaman

Whether you have had animals your whole life, recently decided to add a new family member or are researching doing so, one thing is clear: Owning an animal involves commitment.

At some point there may be a problem you can't seem to solve or a goal you'd like to reach but you just aren't sure how to get there. There are endless methods, theories and "how to" guides but the most important factor is finding what will work for YOUR pet in your situation and lifestyle. We're here to help you not only find but implement the right training plan to reach your goals with your animal. 

At Animal Minds our goal is to teach everyone to be self sufficient. If we've done our job successfully, one day you won't need us at all! Every Client should understand their animal and what motivates them, how to troubleshoot unwanted behaviors and get the most out of your relationship.

We offer Professional Dog Training Services to The Following Areas and Surrounding Areas:






Our Dog Training Services Have Many Options Depending Upon The Needs of Your Dog:

Board & Train

Puppy 101, Obedience & Off-leash, and Behavior Modification

Private Sessions

Introductory Session, Private Puppy Sessions, Private Obedience Sessions and Behavior Modification.


Contact Animal Minds Behavior & Training and Let’s Find The Dog Training Plan That Fit’s Your Pup The Best!