Group Classes Starting in July

In this 5 week course, Terra will work with you and your dog on basic obedience and help give you the tools you need for you and your pooch to hit the town for fun. There will even be an opportunity to practice how to have a peaceful meal in public with your dog by your side in a calm state before the final class which will be dinner at Beach Hut Deli located next door.

We will be covering the following skills: 

~ Sit
~ Down
~ Loose leash walking
~ Recall
~ Intro placement training
~ How to build self-control in your dog.
~ A discussion about what to feed your dog.
~ A review of dog training tools and helping you select what’s best for you and your dog. 
~ Troubleshooting behavior problems at home
~ How to reinforce commands on leash when distracted
~ Learning how to teach a trick
~ Q&A at the end of each session

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Cost: $300 for the 5 week course
Contact: (916) 538-0422 or email

NOTICE: This course is for current clients. If you are not already a client, contact us to set up an in-home consult to get you ready for class

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Susan has been wonderful with our Border Collie, Baxter!  We rescued him from Nor Cal Border Collie Rescue several months ago; he came to the rescue with almost nothing known about his previous training or background.  Over the course of the first month, it was obvious that there were some behaviors that needed corrected, especially in how he interacted with our other dogs at playtime. Leash manners and recall were also issues. We took him to a basic dog obedience class, but their reward (treat)-driven methodology is not a successful approach with a dog as motivated and clever as Baxter.  We were referred to Animal Minds by one of the foster parents at the Border Collie rescue, and what a lucky day that was for us all!

Susan truly understands Border Collies, and what drives them.  We have had 3 of our 4 sessions with her, and the progress Baxter has made is remarkable.  He's now a joy on leash walks, and a trusted hiking, fishing and camping buddy. We are now working on the complex behaviors that a border collie displays when other dogs are playing, and he thinks he needs to herd, nip and corrale them.  He is already showing progress, which is a relief to us all.

Susan is kind, sensitive and respectful in handling Baxter, and even though the sessions with her are tough for him, he's always excited to see her.  It's like he knows she has his best interest in mind, and he can definitely sense that she is a dog lover.  

Baxter isn't the only one learning from the sessions. While he is learning to be an even better dog, we are also learning to be better and more consistent dog parents. There is no doubt in my mind that this is money very well-spent!!  I would highly recommend Animal Minds to anyone dealing with dog behavioral issues!


Cathy C.  (Posted on Yelp)

We love getting amazing reviews like this one!



Posted on Yelp:

We have two small terriers, ages 7 and 9, and we reached a breaking point after a litany of poor behaviors over time had piled up.  I didn't realize how many there were until I started making a list in preparation for meeting and selecting a trainer.  

The first trainer we met with did not seem at all interested in fostering our connection with the dogs while also teaching proper behavior.  Her answer to everything was bitter apple spray.  In fact she sprayed our dogs immediately upon entering our home the first time, without our approval.  Aside from whether we were ok with this method or not, what was more frustrating was that just a week prior one of them had an abscessed tooth extracted! That can't have felt good to him. We wanted to teach our dogs to be better behaved but we also want to respect that they are dogs and we have to learn how to communicate with them properly and let them, at the end of the day, be dogs.  Not just little robots that are too afraid to do anything. We couldn't wait for her to leave and knew, without hesitation, that she would not be helping us train our dogs.

About an hour after the interview with the first trainer, Susan arrived.  Within minutes I breathed a sigh of relief and my fiance and I immediately agreed upon her leaving that she was the one for us. You could tell with the way she interacted with the dogs, and how she talked with us about the dogs, that she was very interested in respecting that they are dogs and helping us figure out how to connect with them on their level to obtain the behaviors we needed for a more peaceful home and the ability to go out with them in public without worrying about their behavior.

We trained with her for about 6 months.  We started first at once a week and then every couple weeks and then even longer stretches.  We had some deeply embedded issues and VERY quirky pups.  The usual prescription didn't always work.  What is great about Susan is she has the foundation training tricks down that pretty much every trainer knows, but she is also good at recognizing when something standard isn't working for your pup.  Tucker, especially, was a tough nut.  He didn't always respond to the first or even second thing we tried, but she would study him and try different things and figure out something that would work.  

I am happy to say that now my little jumping bean has learned to control his energy and sit when I come home instead of jumping all over me.  He has stopped immediately lunging toward the door of our neighbors across the hall because their dog starts barking the second we come out.  He has learned to go into his kennel, which he was previously deathly afraid of, on his own and cuddle up.  His reaction on leash continuously improves.  I used to not even be able to re-direct his attention with a treat.  Now I can re-direct his attention and in some cases I don't even need to.  Over time, I know he will be able to walk past other dogs without reacting. And my other little pup, the super shy guy, is learning to explore the world with some techniques she taught us.  He now gets excited to go out and explore instead of being afraid of everything in sight. I can't recommend Susan highly enough.  As I continue to be consistent with the core training techniques we used, I continue to see improvement in areas I wasn't even expecting.

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Cooper the Catahoula

Cooper the #catahoula putting his big boy pants on yesterday. This isn't a video where we show how "fast" we can fix behavioral issues or to tout e-collar magic. This is about the hard work this dog, his owners and us here at AMBT have put in. More than most would like to ever admit, many dogs are not a quick fix. Anyone who knows CLD's knows their prey drive and reactivity can be very intense. We've all been working very diligently for YEARS to get this far with this kid. From proofing his off leash/ e-collar work so he can exist around other animals and have some freedom, to working on leash reactivity, mild anxiety behaviors and continually managing his near constant will to "take on" any threat - these dogs are not for the faint of heart. Some might say, "Well shouldn't it all be fixed then if you've been training so long?" Not every dog will ever fit the mold of what you want them to be. As smart, quick, and adaptable as this dog is - you always have to be one step ahead. Know the difference between behavioral issues and genetic traits is key. For those who say "it's all in how you raise them" - this guy is the poster child for decades of breeding for a purpose.. to take on anything that challenges them. 100% guarantee if a dog with his temperament walked into a shelter he'd be deemed dangerous, untrainable and likely euthanized. Thank god for responsible owners. So proud of this guy and all his hard work. There was absolutely zero use of the collar (paging or stim) in this video. All behaviors are offered or verbal command only. While the muzzle may look intimidating it's purely for back up on his first day training outing. Safety first. #animalminds #catahoulaleoparddog

Animal Minds Behavior & Training Christmas Specials

Christmas Puppy Special - $50 (1 session/2 phone consults)

Any puppy under 4 months qualifies for one in-home private session and 2 phone consults.

The private session includes:

  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • How to stop puppy biting
  • How to stop puppy chewing
  • Beginning Sit/Down Commands
  • Beginning Self-Control/Boundary work


Basic Obedience Christmas Special - $125 (2 sessions/1 phone consult)

This in-home private package is for any dog that is needing to work on basic obedience. It will cover any age dog that you have and will also include 1 phone consult. It will not cover any dog aggression or other behavior modification.

These 2 sessions will cover:

  • Crate Training
  • Sit, Down and Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Teaching Self-Control/Boundaries
  • How to start working around distractions


*The follow up phone sessions assist in problem solving and pin pointing trouble areas.

*Packages must be purchase by December, 31 2016.

Good girl, Ms. Bella!

Working with a different kind of client today. Isabella is a female Dachshund suffering from SARDS. The blindness is often very unnerving for a dog that has been able to see their whole lives. One of the major issues faced by these dogs is the sudden loss of all confidence in their surroundings. Bella was a shell of the happy dog she once was when we started. She wouldn't leave the kitchen and whined or barked most of the day. We have been working over the past several weeks on a new daily routine for her. Our goal has been to reduce her anxiety, whining, weight gain that is an unfortunate result of the steroids prescribed (down 2lbs!), and help the family arrange the household in a way that is safer and encourages her to explore safely again. Here we are working on an emergency "stop" cue in case she is headed towards something dangerous (IE: Pool/Roads). We tested it around the pool today for the first time and she did very well. Dad is still getting used to the fact his little one can't see anymore. As you can see though, her whining has stopped and she's starting to get the hang of orienting herself by voice and feel. Good girl Ms. Bella!

Engagement & Focus Workshop

Does your dog get distracted easily? Do you feel like your talking to the back of their head sometimes? Does having your dog come when called feel impossible?

This class is specifically for folks looking to work on their dogs engagement and focus (on the handler) around distractions. 

If you've never trained with us or joined in on a group session before, please speak with us beforehand. If you're a current or past client, please RSVP so we can get a head count. 

Location: The Ampitheatre at William Land Park

Date: September 3rd, 9AM

If your dog is toy motivated: bring 2-3 of their favorite toys.

If your dog is treat motivated: bring 2-3 various types of treats that are easy to chew and break off small pieces of. 

If you aren't sure, bring a couple of each of the above. A long line (15 ft minimum) and a some good shoes/active wear and get ready to play with your dog. 

Please message us with any questions.

$25 drop in fee.

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River Outing & Socialization Group June 5th 10:30AM

*******On June 5th at William B. Pond we will have our next Socialization Class*****


With the weather heating up, we're planning this group as a mix of both training and some water/play time for the pups!

This class is open to all past and current clients, just contact us privately if you're unsure as to how your dog will do.

Long lines are needed for the water portion if your dog isn't working on an e-collar. There is a $5-$8 entrance fee to the park (depends on holidays sometimes) and it's a good idea to bring water shoes. This park has great areas to walk around in the water with your dogs.

We will start with the obedience portion at 10:30am sharp and head to the water around 11. We will meet in the parking lot by the bathrooms.






Vets for Shelter Pets Volunteer Program

Every week, for 6 weeks, we meet up at Sacramento County Animal Care (Bradshaw Shelter) and teach the participants how to safely handle & beginning training the dogs up for adoption there. After these guys complete their training, they'll be free to come back and volunteer any time they want!

We've had 3 successful rounds so far and will be starting another towards the end of march. If you or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to contact us. And a big thank you to SCACR & the Mather VA for helping make this program happen!

Beginners Group Training Class (5 Sessions)

This group class is ideal for dog owners that are looking to teach their dog basic obedience in a group setting. This training group is for dogs that need an introduction to basic obedience or for dogs to practice these basics around distractions.

Course work includes:

* Sit

* Down

* Stay

* Loose Leash walking

* Beginning Recall

* Boundaries & Impulse Control

* Relationship Building

* Prep work for Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Dogs should be friendly towards other dogs, adults, and children. This class is not for reactive, overly shy/fearful or aggressive dogs. Phone evaluation and deposit required to save your spot.

Starting Sunday: March 6th 11 am

Group consist of 5 Sunday sessions.

(Excluding Easter Sunday)

Cost: $160

Non-Refundable Deposit: $50

Sunday Fun Day Class

January 24th at 11am
American River Parkway - William B. Pond
5700 Arden Way, Carmichael CA 95608

Back to training after the holidays! 

This group is open to any of our clients who are ready to work around distractions. More information is listed on the facebook event page:


Dog Training Groupon Release and Free Phone Consultations

Responsible pet ownership is a year round gig. However, we do understand that sometimes it's easier to catch up on those pesky or unwanted behaviors when you have some time off from your daily grind during the holidays. We are currently offering 2 deals to new clients or referrals (for existing clients - please let us know if you refer someone! We have perks for you to!):

Groupon - Good for 1 in home evaluation and lesson. We can meet with you and your dog and discuss the best ways to achieve your training goals. Appointments need to be booked in advance, so please call us after purchase to get on schedule! Or give us a buzz prior to purchase and we can answer any further questions you may have.

Free Phone Consults - Call us any time. If we're busy at that very moment we will be sure to schedule a time that works for everyone so we can assist you as best as possible.



We can be reached at (916) 538-0422 or by e-mail at