Board & Train

We recommend B&T Programs for anyone who would like to get a jump start on their training program. When both owners and their pets are on a learning curve, trying to learn new things and implement new strategies all at once can be stressful and complicated. Let us lay the foundation for you and then help you transfer all of your dogs new skills to your everyday life. 


Puppy 101

Appropriate socialization, boundaries and beginning obedience work as soon as possible is important for any puppy to become a well rounded member of any family. Our 2, 3, and 4 week programs offer the structure, outlets and daily training needs to start your pup off on the right foot. Including:

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Placement Training

  • Crate Training & Potty Training

  • Appropriate Puppy Playtime & Building Social Skills

  • Exposure to New Environments

  • Beginning use of Obedience cues around distractions and appropriate greeting behaviors. (IE: Sitting when greeting strangers, not jumping, etc.)

  • Pricing begins at $1800


Obedience & Off-leash

If you'd like to tighten up on your current adult dogs obedience or advance to off-leash work, this would be an ideal option for you. Also a perfect package for newly adopted adult dogs who have some catching up to do skill wise. 4 and 6 week programs available.

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Placement Training

  • Crate Training

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Extensive Obedience work around Distractions and New Environments

  • Beginning recall or E-collar Conditioning (recommended for all with an interest in off-leash work, safety wise.)

  • Appropriate Social Interactions with People and other Dogs.

  • Pricing begins at $2500


Behavior Modification

We specialize in helping dogs who suffer from anxious, fear based behaviors all the way to dogs with a history of aggression. We are more than happy to put together an individual B&T program to suit your dogs needs and get the best results. 8-10 week programs are required for Behavior Modification. We recommend these services for the following behaviors:

  • Reactivity (Towards humans, dogs, small animals, loud noises, etc.)

  • Shy, nervous, or timid dogs who need confidence building

  • Obsessive behaviors or self destructive habits

  • Fear biting

  • Escalating aggression in the home

  • Pricing begins at $2800

All inquiries are accepted on a case by case basis. We may make other recommendations once speaking with you if we feel another program or option may better suit you and your dogs needs. Also subject to availability schedule and space. 

Please contact us by one of the "Request Info" buttons or give us a call to check availability.