Heading Out of Town?

Now you can do so with peace of mind. Knowing your pet is in great hands AND gets to stay comfortable in their own home. We receive so many questions from clients as to who we recommend for boarding services. Truth is, not every dog is comfortable being boarded and find it very stressful. Even the best facilities simply can't match the comfortability of their own home and routine. 


Overnight Stays

While you're gone you can rest assured that your pet is tucked in their own bed with one of our sitters on premises to keep them company. We visit with each one of our clients prior to them leaving and do our best to keep your pets normal routine in place while you are away. 

Training Tune-Up

We offer obedience tune-ups for our overnight clients who will be away for one week or more. Not only will your pet be safe and happy while you're gone, why not throw in some basic obedience work or we can assist with small problem behaviors as well! 

Additional Services

We have a full range of add ons that you can include while you're gone. Walks, special feeding, medicating, baths, toenail trimming, pick up/drop off at set appointments if needed are just just a few. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it happen. Most additional services begin at $5-$10 a day but please contact us for specifics on pricing.

We recommend contacting us to book at least two to four weeks ahead of time. The sooner the better for holidays and/or busy seasons. 

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