Day Training


This particular program caters to busy owners who are searching for the right outlet for their dog. We offer a fun, structured environment for the dogs in our care and strive to provide appropriate physical and mental outlets for each pup, depending on their capabilities. Day training is an ideal way to work on your pets obedience and social skills. 

Our Basic Package includes the following:

  • Outings last between 3-5 hours
  • Loose Leash Walking (No pulling/barking or lunging anymore!)
  • Sit/Down/Stay
  • Placement Training
  • Various different trips to parks, hiking spots, river play days, dog friendly restaurants, play/social groups, etc.


Princing begins at $320 for 4 sessions per month. This includes 1 session per week. There are options for up to 3 sessions per week. 

Pricing above does NOT include drop off or picking up. Drop off & Pick Up pricing depends on location and availability and are arranged on an individual basis.

Reactivity and other problem behaviors do not exclude a dog from our Day Training program however they are not included in our Basic Package and are subject to different pricing/availability. Please contact us with questions!